Athabasca University is excited to invite the Class of 2020 to a reimagined convocation ceremony. This event will be hosted on a virtual platform that will integrate both live and recorded elements for our graduands, their family, and friends to experience. This platform is compatible with desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices and can be used in conjunction with other available free meeting platforms so graduands can share the experience with their loved ones, even if they are not in the same room. AU’s events team is working to create an event that is both interactive and exciting that will include, a virtual tour of AU’s Athabasca campus, Beyond 50 anniversary celebrations, faculty and program specific live forums and exhibits, virtual networking opportunities, entertainment, and live meet and greets with some of the AU's leadership team. The convocation procession and ceremony that is part of the history and tradition of the university will be a key part of the experience. Presentation of degrees will be a little different, but still a memory making part of the day. Invitations to eligible graduands will be delivered in July and will offer ways to make the experience even more personal and provide opportunity to share their story in the lead up to the October 2, 2020 event.